Born for This Time


We seek the Holy Spirit to send to this ministry those who fear God more than man or any of his systems, and who thirst for the truth and obedience that has come from their prayer life, which has been soaked in the Holy Spirit produced obedience.


The ministry will provide an opportunity for teachings to occur that will prepare and mold and shape those called to a total relationship with the Father by the fullness of Jesus Christ. The End Time for this ministry is based on the foundation scripture, God’s Call to His Elect within the Elect.

Revelation 12:1-17.


Hebrew 6:1-3 is another one of our bench marked scriptures, we are to determine THROUGH THE LEADING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT to remove chains that still hold us in bondage.


Physical preparedness and emotional preparedness will do nothing for anyone who is not first grounded spiritually.


This is the beginning of the end and this is not to scare you but to place the fear of God in us all so we will not be victimized by the legalist who will choke you to depend upon them rather than the Truth - God will protect His Own!

Matthew 24:22 and 13:20 both verses speak of God protecting us (His Elect) from the toughest time of the Tribulation!


Luke 9:23 - Matthew 7:13, 14 - John 15:19 & Romans 12: 2 - We are not citizens of this world but rather we are citizens of the Heavenly Kingdom/Government therefore we are to conform to our true citizenship.


John 15:18, 19 (KJV) - You who have come to our site have been lead here by the Holy Spirit - come and join us as we seek truth during a time of manipulation of God’s Church and His elect within the elect.


Welcome to our web page gathering(s) - Prepare ye the way.


End Time Ministry


God’s Call to His Elect within the Elect

(Revelation 12:1-17)



With this in mind, we should stop going over the elementary truths about Christ and move on to

topics for more mature people. We shouldn't repeat the basics about turning away from the useless

things we did and the basics about faith in God.  2  We shouldn't repeat the basic teachings about

such things as baptisms, setting people apart for holy tasks, dead people coming back to life, and

eternal judgment.  3  If God permits, we will do this.  Foundation Verse Hebrews 6:1-3 (GW)

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A Prepared People

Revelation 21:2  And I, John, saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of Heaven from God, having been prepared as a bride, having been adorned for her Husband.  

Born for This

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